Himachal Pradesh


Himachal Pradesh is a northern Indian state in the Himalayas. It's home to scenic mountain towns and resorts such as Dalhousie. Host to the Dalai Lama, Himachal Pradesh has a strong Tibetan presence. This is reflected in its Buddhist temples and monasteries, as well as its vibrant Tibetan New Year celebrations. The region is also well known for its trekking, climbing and skiing areas.



Himachal Pradesh is the northernmost state of India and shares borders with the union territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh to the north, and the states of Punjab to the west, Haryana to the southwest, Uttarakhand to the southeast and a very narrow border with Uttar Pradesh to the south.

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Tour details

  • Tour Type Impression
  • Price ₹ 5000 to ₹25000
  • Categories Destination
  • Capital Shimla
  • Language English/ Hindi
  • Currency Rupee ₹
  • Time Zone GMT+5:30
  • Drives on the Right
  • Calling code +91