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Your Guide to Travel Insurance

Travel Opens Doors To New Cultures, Breathtaking Landscapes And Unforgettable Experiences. But Unexpected Events Can Disrupt Even The Best-Laid Plans. That's Where Travel Insurance Comes In – Your Financial Safety Net For A Smooth And Stress-Free Adventure.

Why take travel insurance?

Travel hiccups come in all shapes and sizes. Here's what travel insurance can generally protect you against:

Trip Cancellation/Interruption

Covers Non-Refundable Trip Costs If You Have To Cancel For A Covered Reason, Such As Illness, Injury Or Inclement Weather.

Medical Expenses

Medical Care Abroad Can Be Expensive. Travel Insurance Helps Cover Medical Costs Associated with Illness or Injury During Your Trip, Including Hospitalization, Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains.

Travel Delay

Compensates You for Additional Expenses Incurred Due to Flight Cancellation, Missed Connection or Travel Delay. This May Include the Cost of Meals, Accommodation and Re-Booking.

Lost Or Damaged Luggage

Lost Or Damaged Luggage:** Reimburses You For Lost, Stolen, Or Damaged Luggage And Personal Belongings.


Many Travel Insurance Plans Offer Additional Benefits


24/7 Support Provides Access to a Hotline That You Can Call at Any Time for Emergencies, Lost Passports, Medical Referrals, Or Even Translation Services.

Travel-Specific Coverage Add-On Options May Be Available to Cover Specific Activities Such as Adventure Sports,     Cruises or Car Rentals.

Peace Of Mind 

Knowing That You Are Financially Secure Allows You to Relax and Focus on Enjoying Your Trip Without Worrying About the Worst-Case Scenario.


Choosing The Right Travel Insurance


Travel Details Choose a Plan That Covers Your Travel Duration, Your Destination and the Activities You Want to Do.

Coverage Limits Be Aware of the Maximum Coverage Amount for Different Types of Incidents.

Exclusions Read the Policy Wording Carefully to Understand What Is Not Covered.

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions If You Have Any Pre-Existing Medical Conditions, Disclose Them Clearly to Ensure Coverage.


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